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    95 ZXI 750 Question

    Hello everyone i'm a newbie who just bought a 95 zxi 750 I wanted something a little larger but I got a great deal and figure that it's a good starter ski. That being said I have looked at the forums and got some great info. I checked the compression 150 psi on both cylinders, I changed all filters including air, oil and fuel, I drained the tank and put fresh gas in, new plugs, drained the oil tank and put amsoil synthetic in and have ordered a set of beach house sponsons. Aside from that I checked all the hoses and they are flexible and seem to be in great shape. Should I change the hoses to polyurathane hoses if they still seem good ? And is there anything else I should be checking or doing to the ski ? The guy i bought it from said that there is less than 50 hours on the ski.

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    The oil lines are 15 years old, don't push your luck. Replace them.

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