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    97 1100 venture not getting fuel??

    hi guys, just rebuilt the top end,thew a set of cf reeds and reed spacers in, rebuilt the carbs,changed fuel line and fuel filter,installed a primer kit and now had some knn flame arrestors.everything else stock.
    she starts up runs/idles good until she gets up onto plane, after a few seconds she dies(like its running out of fuel), if i let the ski idle for a few seconds im able to do the same thing. throttle position does not matter although if i open it up it wants to die sooner.

    bought a brand new mikuni hi vol fuel pump too..only difference is the new pump had 2 outlet ports where the original pump had one.

    i opened up the carbs to see what they looked like and they were mint..along with the filter, could easily blow back into the tank with no restriction.

    could the new fuel pump be shot?

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    Check valve on tank good? It should hold pressure in the tank.

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    not really sure...i did notice that when i went to get gas there was a good amount of pressure in the tank...

    how should my carbs be jetted??...considering its almost stock

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    Check your pulse line to the fuel pump and make sure it is ok. New fuel pump should last you a long time. I recommend those to type everyone with the 1100's. just cap one oulet they are identical to the stock pump.

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    pulse line is brand new as of 2 weeks ago..have been reading and perhaps found my problem. my primer supply tees off of my fuel supply for the carbs and not the reserve..although it still leans out when i switch to reserve fuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpeavler View Post
    Check valve on tank good? It should hold pressure in the tank.
    how do i test for this?

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    Blow into the valve and you should not hear any air leaking out. It's a one way valve...if you hear any's bad.


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    i blew into my return line going back to the tank and it holds pressure..

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