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    1995 waveraider 1100 runs on land or hose but not in water

    My waveraider will start and rev on the trailer or on a hose. Actually sounds like it is running great. However, as soon as you put it in the water and put a load on it, it won't run at all. Starts and idles but as soon as you try to accelerate it dies. Anyone had this problem? Any suggestions what it might be. I took it to a mechanic who obviously misdiagnosed it and fixed something that didn't need fixing because it's still doing the same thing after $500 spent.

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    1996 waveraider 1100

    I have a 1996 waveraider 1100 which I had the same problem I was going nuts. I finally rebuilt the carbs. The screens inside the carbs were gunked up. I bought the rebluid kits and I also rebuilt the fuel pump but I do not think there was nothing wrong with it.
    When I rebuilt the carbs I saved the old pop springs and reused them. I just had it in the water and it ran great.

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    Guys, try the two stroke section for your questions.

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