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    04 Honda non Turbo Knocks when first started

    My Roomate has anb 04 Honda non Turbo and every time he starts it it5 knocks pretty hard for the first 15-20 seconds. I have check and the oil sems full. Anyideas as to what it cold be. The ski has around 100 hours on it and it runs great once it stops. Thanks Matt

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    More than likely its coming from the pump area ,and nothing to worry about.
    Mine has done it pretty much since new.
    Next time he starts it in the water tell to blip the throtle a couple of times ,and see if it goes away a little faster.

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    My 2005 F12X has done this from day one when I first start it. I agree with Abmobil, it's a pump thing, not the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treaddirt View Post
    My 2005 F12X has done this from day one when I first start it. I agree with Abmobil, it's a pump thing, not the engine.
    Well....this is my first post since getting my 04 aquatrax and it does the same thing. However, it's not engine knock as I first believed. It sounds like something it vibrating against the hull. Does it for about 15-20 seconds when started from cold. There's got to be something loose somewhere......motor mount possibly? Mine's an 04 with aboout 100 hours.

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    All of them knock badly when they are cold and miraculously quit after they warm up just a little.

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