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    2001 virage starting hard

    2001 virage TX with low miles (50 hours total). serviced carbs and everything clean and should be good fuel delivery. This boat always started easy and worked great. Still works great once running although seems to take a bit more cranking than previous years. Full choke throttle on and several trys. starts better when warm but cold takes a few trys. Runs perfect once going. could this be carb diaphrams? needle seat sticking? plugs?
    comments appreciated.


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    Do you have spark right away when cranking for cold start?
    What is the battery voltage while the engine is cranking? Should be over 10.6 volts.

    If you prime the carb intakes with a dribble of fuel, does it start right away, even when cold?

    How exactly are you trying to start it?

    When cold starting it should be full choke, NO throttle, and it should start (or at least cough and sputter) fairly promptly.

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    Battery should be good. If I pull choke full it will sputter but then usually takes throttle on to get it to take again. Seems like she is sputtering on the last bit of fuel in the carbs but taking a bit more cranking to charge the carbs up again with fuel. From what I recall this boat always started first try. Works great once warm but cold starts take a few trys.

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