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    Polaris '98 Spark Plug Problems

    Me and my buddy are new to PWCs and we got a Polaris 1998 and the spark plugs got disconnected. Any idea on how get them connected again?

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    I'm assuming you mean the firing order of the plug wires.
    If so,the original-factory wires are different lengths and should only fit one way comfortably.
    With the electrical box on top of the battery, the wires coming out of the box-left to right.=
    Left=#1( Mag or front cyl) center wire on box= #3 ( rear or PTO cyl) right wire= #2 ( center cyl )

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    There are a couple of versions of the ignition coil pack and firing order on some of these engines.

    Best method is to work with one cylinder at a time, and work out which wire is for which cylinder.

    This video shows how to confirm which plug wire is for which cylinder, by only connecting one spark plug wire at a time.

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