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    Install Engine into new Hull 96 SLTX

    Hi everyone. New here to Greenhulk and pwcs, but not new to Polaris

    I recently acquired a 1996 SLTX at a fair price. Compression is good, ran great on the water for a weekend, then as I was taking it out of the water, I noticed a badly cracked hull (that was covered up when purchasing).

    I have been able to find a perfect condition Hull/Body and am wondering how difficult it is to swap the engine into the new hull? I am decently handy and figure I have a working one and just need the good hull. How hard can it be?

    Any suggestions or guidance from those who know 'better' would be appreciated! Im in minnesota BTW.

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    Does this 1996 SLTX have the blue Fuji engine, or the red domestic engine?

    What exact year and model is the 'good' hull?
    Does it include a jet pump?

    Other than wrestling the engine out of one hull and back into the other, the main 'trick will be aligning the engine to the jet pump. You will need to rent or buy an alignment tool for that.

    While you have the engine out would be a good time to take care of the various maintenance items and updates that apply.

    Click below to see what I am referring to

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    Hi K447, Thanks for the response and links There was an engine swap guide there for the 1050! You maintain that? Id be happy to contribute.

    This 1996 SLTX has the domestic 1050 Red Engine. The Exact year and model of the 'good' hull is 1996 SLTX, but its just the shell, no MFI or Jet pump. Exact same as mine.

    Where does one acquire an alignment tool for aligning the engine to the jet pump?

    What 'various maintenance items/updates' would be advisable to do when the engine is out?

    Thanks for answering all of these questions. Im used to working on audis, but those dont go in the water

    The first two of are of my current ski. Engine is great, hull is bad. Looking to pick up the hull in the last 4 pics. Any suggestion what its worth?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the hull I am 99% set on buying. A bit of dock rash but nothing too bad and like what i have! Any suggestion what its worth?
    Click image for larger version. 

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