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    Reverse Cable Nut Broke!!! RXP

    Anyone had this happen??? Its the small plastic nut that looks like it seals the cable to the back of the ski. Girls unloaded the ski with reverse and when she put in back in forward it would not go. Only reverse. By the time I got do the boat ramp the damn thing almost sank. I can post pics later. I would love to know if someone makes this part in alum or something alittle stronger.

    Thanks, Bryan

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    yes i just replaced mine.. the part is 5 bux from riva. go to lowes and get a sprinkler head remover. its aluminum and is like a big easy out. take it home and CUT OFF THE SMALL PART (mine i trimmed about .5 inches) that way you willnt hit the plastic that the O-ring sits on. back the threads out, reinstall new part. simple...Just cut the small part (part for smaller threaded heads) off....

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    oh yea i took the pump off to tighten the nut real tight, you might can use something similar to a O2 sensor socket but its a decent size if you dont want to take the pump off.. wanna say like a 1" or so

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    Luckily it was the reverse. I've had it happen a couple times on the steering. Would be noce if someone made them in aluminum. The platic get brittle over time so its probably not a bad idea to replace them after 4 or 5 years to be safe.

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    Thanks, headed to see if local stealership has the part.


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    it would be easy to make out of aluminum, but then if it they did the same thing it would probably rip the threads out of the pump shoe... that would not be good...

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