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    Question Rebuilding Fuel Systems

    I have a 1990's kawasaki small pin 750ss 38mm kehlin single car setup

    The return lines clogged to the tank
    The return in the carb is clogged
    The fuel selector feels tight like its got crud in it
    The metal chain appears to have rusted off in the tank
    The fuel smells a bit stale
    The fuel cap doesnt appear to seal
    Lastly the fuel water seperator doesnt fill with fuel like seadoos in any mode... and has no filter in it

    so I am doing a full rebuild on the fuel system and need some tips ive done seadoos and polaris before but this is my first kawasaki. any upgrades that i need to do to prevent reliability issues like removing the autocock on polaris's and upgrading the fuel pump?

    What happened was the owner drove it and it wouldnt rev at all it would idle perfectly and i knew it was a lean condition cause putting the choke on helped a little bit.

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    hopefully i will get to it this weekend

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    This carb is fairly simple and straight forward to be honest. They are a lot easier to work on then the Mikuni carbs in the other skis. Just make sure you get OEM Keihin or WSM carb kit. They are roughly about $40 bucks. You just need to take it apart and once you do you will see they are simple. Just o-rings, diaphragms, gaskets etc. Once you get it torn down just clean it out real good with some carb cleaner or chemtool brake cleaner and blow everything out real good before you put it back together with the kit. Since you are rebuilding the carb and fuel system it would be wise since you said the return line is clogged to visit Marty over a and get new fuel lines. He has all kind of different sizes and colors and cooling and primer lines too and great prices. One other thing, make sure you save the spring under the needle arm. The pop-off is probably already set, so if you keep the old one it will prevent you from having to set the pop-off again. Those rarely go bad, but if they do you at least have new ones in the kit you can set.

    One thing I would do is remove the choke and choke butterflys and install a primer. While a good working carb shouldn't need it, it does come in hand from time to time and will help with easier starting.

    The fuel selectors I know on mine is pretty tight too but if it has been sitting it may just need to be worked out. Also check to make sure the cables for the selector are not obstructed or catching on anything.

    I would also take the tank out since the chain is in there and rusted and get the chain out and clean the fuel tank out. Then also replace the fuel cap which is all one assembly.

    The fuel water separator I am not familiar with on the Kawa at least as far as I know they don't use them. They just use a fuel filter in the send line between the carb and tank. So get a new fuel filter.

    Sounds like it just needs a good carb cleaning and rebuild and you should be good to go.

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