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    1996 GTX runs good to 4500rpm

    Ok guys I have done the carbs, fuel lines, checked Oring on filter, new voltage recificer, new battery and still have a bog, it wont run at all if i leave the fuel switch on the ON side, it has to be on the Res. setting, i was wondering if i just T the fuel lines together at the switch and bypass it would that be fine? I am leaving on a trip in 2 days and need this ski for someone that doesnt have one, also was gonna ditch the fuel filter setup for just a automotive inline since there is no Oring to worry about. Let me know what ya guys think.

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    check out the selector valve it may have some junk in it from the old fuel lines..or some of the seal material stuck in the "on" port.
    I wouldnt bypass the fuel filter if you can help it the filter also acts as a separator keeping any water in the bottom of the bowl.
    another option is just to run it on reserve.
    the reserve selection on the fuel switch is another port in the fuel baffle that goes deeper into the fuel tank i.e. your reserve. in other words the "main supply line sits so high off the bottom of your tank (in the baffle) and the reserve sits lower in the tank...just keep an eye on fuel level

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    yeah but either way i run it, the ski surges at anything above 4500rpms, its runs good out out the hole for about 20 secs, then it starts surging at WOT or anything above 4500rpms, even on res. On the ON setting it doesnt run at all once the fuel in the lines is gone.

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    FIX it before you ride it. THAT could very soon cost you dearly when the engine melts! Update the fuel
    lines, Buy a new selector. $28 bucs at Parker Yamaha! Go thru the carbs and clean/replace the filters.
    Then your ski will be more enjoyable Screaming down the waterway.

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