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Thread: 1998 gtx rfi

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    1998 gtx rfi

    I have been working on a friends GTX. At the start of this season the battery would not charge over 12 volts so I installed a new one. For the next three weekends it started fine. This last weekend I could get no beeps when the lanyard is installed. I checked the battery voltage and it was at 9.4. I would assume the battery is no good or there is a draw on it when it is sitting. I plan to try charge the battery or install a new one but I wonder what else to check to solve the problem. The gauges will not even come on but that is likely due to the 9.4 volts. I checked the MPM fuse and it was okay. Any ideas?

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    if it's not charging, then test the rectifier. Use a volt meter (Vdc) on the battery. Start the ski, you should get a reading of around 13 Vdc. Then rev the engine and you get a reading oc 15 Vdc. If not replace the rectifier. You could also test the stater.

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