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    Seized Up

    Took my GSXL out last Saturday, ran real good for about 20 min. then devoloped a quick vibration then cut off, tried to start it back up and engine wouldn't turn over, pulled seat and tried turning pump shaft & couldn't get it to turn, braught it back home, took the pump loose, pump turns free, engine seized up, the oil injection has been removed and is pre mixed, the only thing I changed is the type of oil I use, I switched from Seadoo synthetic to the Quicksilver premium synthetic, I ran about 2 tanks of the Quicksilver when the engine seized, what could have made this happen, the person I baught it from 2 years ago said the engine was rebuilt just before I baught it, i'm guessing it had about 100 hrs on it when it seized, I'm going to try rebuilding to save a little cash and learn more about it, never had any experience with 2 strokes, what should I look for as far as damaged parts and how much can I expect to pay, I'm going to get a service from the store for reference

    Thanks fro the help David

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    The term "Siezed" is used to denote a situation where the piston has gotten so hot that it swells and sticks in the bore of the cylinder. This is generally short lived and does not
    usually result in an engine not being able to turn over, or being "Locked" like your's is.

    Regardless of the true cause you will need to get it apart to find the problem. I would suspect something on the crank (which will require a new crank) or perhaps a piston
    came apart (which often requires a new crank as well).

    Good luck with it either way.

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