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    MSX 150 -Gas Tank Won't Vent

    What's up with this vent? I had an issue of engine flodoing becasue of pressure in tank. I thought it was building up, but last time is almost sucked my hand in.

    Which way should the arrow go on the end of the vent hose? Toward tank or away from tank? I bought a new vent and rubber piece for the end last week.

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    I think there are two vent check valves for the fuel tank.

    One is hanging in mid-air inside the hull with one end open to the hull. Arrow should point towards the fuel tank connection. This is the check valve that allows air INTO the fuel tank.

    The other is connected to the outside hull vent. Arrow should point towards the outside. This check valve allows excess air pressure to vent out of the tank.

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    There is two. I will check the arrow on the other one and report back. Never messed with that one.

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