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    Water in Engine bay RXP???

    OK, from my previous post the plastic nut that holds the reverse cable to the ski broke and before I got to the boat ramp to help the ski had taken on alot of water. I pulled the seat and the water level was around the top of the supercharger. We did not run the motor. I pulled it up to the trailer and drained it all out. I let the ski air dry to 2 days and now when I try to start it I only get 2 beeps and no start. I pulled the plugs before I tried to start and no water in the cylinders at all. What can I look at guys. Charging the battery now.


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    Also, How do I look for codes?? I see yall talking about that.


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    What year of ski do you have, any mods ?

    Have you checked for water in the oil ?

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    Update, no water at first, but once I tried to crank it sucked it in. I quess it was hiding inside the air box hose. Got alot in there. I drained it all and flushed the cylinders out with WD and fogging oil. I took the supercharger back off and used a air hose to blow it out. Also got water out of intake with air hose. Got it all cleared out and it started and ran fine. Just waiting on new $4 plastic piece to fix the cable back. Anyone tried to get a pipe fitting and make one out of metal??

    Thanks, Bryan

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    OK, ran the ski yesterday. All is good. Thanks for the help.


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