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Thread: Wed/thurs ride

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    Wed/thurs ride

    Anyone? Post up. Tmr looks lik hottest day of the week

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    Talk to me. Got texts from a few peeps. Trying to put something together. On the way to buy some new spark plugs in a few

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    Tomorrow I will be riding over to knapps and meeting some people for lunch around noon and then taking a river romp by myself after if anyone is free and wants to join lmk

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    are you heading out today?? my plans changed so today is the day i have to go out.
    deez and i are heading out

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    your not answering your phone, but were launching at portland boat works sometime around noon

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    u riding north or south from there?

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    We rode from saybrook to harbor park and cruised around

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    wah wah waaaah....the one day i had to work late

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