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    Head out for milling, what to do in the meantime...

    Obviously there are plenty of other threads about this same subject, and I've done some searching, but I figured I'd try to pull it all together from scratch anyway...

    I'm gonna be outta town for the next 3 weekends so I figured it'd be a good time to send my head out to Group K for milling. Gonna boost up compression to the 150 psi range. The ski has 150 hours on it. Did a compression test after riding the other day and it's 117-118 psi throughout. Ski is a '98 GP1200 with F/As, primer, premix, riva cdi, xo prop, r&d grate and plate.

    My question is are there any particulars I should/could do in the meantime?
    What about plugs? Do I need a new size or are the originals (I think BR8HS) still good?
    Any advice for re-assembly after I get the head back? Anything I should look out for that could screw me over unknowingly?
    Are the torque specs still the same?

    I'm not gonna get into new rings at this time. Seems like they're holding up well anyway with 118 psi compression after 150 hours. And I rebuilt the carbs about 15 ride hours ago, so that's not needed. And obviously I'm going to order new gaskets.

    I'm mechanically knowledgeable but I've never done any engine rebuild work 1st hand so I appreciate any advice.


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    Make sure u get all the old gasket off the cylinders, and to not drop any in the motor, or cooling lines. How fast was ur ski running??? And where did u get the riva cdi???

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    Speedometer read 65ish, but we know how generous that can be. Got the CDI from OSideBill. He may have another new one laying around. Send him a message.

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    Also, my ski had three head gaskets in it. Is this normal practice? Should I use three again or would I be okay with one or two?
    I'm gonna post some pictures of my head, pistons, and cylinders to see what you guys think...make sure I don't have any underlying problems developing. Stay posted...

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