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    Smile polaris sl 750 no fuel

    my sl750 isnt sucking fuel from the tank the carbs are clean and there are no leaks or blocks in the fuel hoses. the pulse line is working. the only thing i can think of is the stock fuel pump is bad. I have ordered a new triple output pump just waiting for delivery.
    if there is any advice you can give me in the mean time for other things to check i would be very grateful

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    take your fuel pump out and open it up. if the diaphragm is ripped its done

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    cheers for the quick response. I have taken it apart and the diaphragm looks ok so with it apart i blew down the inlet where the pulse line connects to. And the diaphragms move freely
    Its getting changed anyway just hope it is the pump and nothing major.

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    Is the autocock removed?

    Did you look inside the fuel tank?

    Some years used hoses that rotted away and fell off.

    Also make sure you don't have any air leaks at your fuel hose connections.

    Look for any fuel lines being kinked.

    Inspect your petcock for restriction.

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