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    94 Waverunner 700 stalls on main tank

    Bought a really clean 94 waverunner 700 a few days ago & took it out for an initial shakedown yesterday. Ran great most of the day, but eventually began stalling.
    Short story, I eventually figured out that if the fuel selector is in the reserve position the ski runs perfectly. When turned to on, it will eventually stall(a quick switch to res corrects the problem). I come from an ATC Motorcycle background, so skis are new. I'm guessing that something is causing the pick up in the main tank to starve, so was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how the main/res tanks work on these? I'm also wondering if there's something at the actual selector valve that could be causing the problem. I ordered a book, but it won't be here before we leave on a long weekend trip, so wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas.
    Also was wondering what the little brass wing-nut looking thing on the front side of the carb is. I've done lots of motorcycle carb adjustmants, but haven't seen one of these before...Just curious.

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    the selector switch itself is bad. super common. The "on" vs. "reserve" is nothing more than the reserve being a slightly longer tube to reach further in the tank. On all of my old skis I bypassed the selector switch and used the reserve as the "on" to feed the carbs. However, if you run out of gas then your REALLY out of gas.
    Have no idea about the "wing nut" thing your talking about. Take a pic and post it up.

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    That's pretty much what I figured & after looking at it last night I had pretty much come to the conclusion you stated. Run res as on...but watch the fuel level, because empty IS empty at that point. Someone told me the brass screw is the idle adjustment screw.

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