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    1996 Polaris sl700 cuts out

    I have a 96 polaris sl700. runs great. however if you hit a hard wave or turn to fast it cuts out. it acts like you hit the kill switch. starts right back up. the problem is not in the kill switch wiring or harness . Is there another type of sensor anywhere in this that would cause it to cut out. such as a sensor that detects if it flipped over.

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    No, there is no flip-over senser. You should check for any loose electrical connections,especially the power and ground cables.

    How did you determine the stop/start switch is good?
    Several members have found that to be why there PWC stalled under conditions like yours.

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    I have not been able to reproduce it on the lift. additionally i pulled the wiring out thru the handle bars and pulled and yanked and twisted them. could not reproduce it. did the same with the kill switch assymbly. banged on it and everything, I could not get it to cut out unless I was out on the lake. Could it be some type of corrosion in the main control box. The problem started after we sank it about three years ago.


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