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    Unhappy new gp 1200 owner could use some help. to anyone....

    just purchased a 1997 gp1200 the ski had the following problems. gauges do not work and small crack in the hull. as for the gauges they have power to them, now do they get a signal of some sort to them? from the stator to make them function? and second... was going across the lake this passed weekend and there was some water in the ski not much,but the ski cut out and would not start again had to be towed in. was towed in at about 5mph. now ski does not start do have spark and pulled the plugs to check for water,none. any idea why i cannot get it to fire???

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    The 97 GP had a weak hull from the factory. It may be a 97 model with a 98 hull which was stronger. The 97 hull had white plastic trim tabs underneath, or black anodized aluminum (aftermarket) tabs. The 98 hulls had no trim tabs at all. If it is a 97 hull, then it will be difficult but not impossible to fix. It usually cracked about where the front motor mounts are located, and you could see the crack on the outside.

    They also had stator problems where the plugs would not spark.

    Ask me how I know these things.

    Yamaha replaced my stator and gave me a complete hull under warrenty back in the day.

    Really hope these are not your problems Bud.

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