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    gtx lacking speed

    I have a 96 GTX with the 787 motor. Was just rebuilt. It seems like it doesn't have as much torque. It seems slow to reach plane. It seems like I'm really burning through fuel too. When it does plane out, around 100 yards, the top speed seems to be around 37-39. The tach is reading 7000RPM and full throttle, and the throttle response seems correct so I dont think its a fuel issue.

    From what I read, with one man on it I should be seeing around 50mph. It almost impossible to plane out trying to pull a tuber. I suspect the impeller or wearing ring, just want to get some thoughts before I take the pump off.

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    you answered you own question...shine a light up the intake and look in the back of the pump. if you can see a lot of light you need a new wear ring

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    I thought those symptoms would lead to the impeller/wear ring. I will have to take your suggestion and see how much light I can see. Do you know the spacing it should be between the impeller and wear ring? What tool would I use to measure?

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    I'm not looking at any specs.... but memory recalls something like no more than 5 mm. It is tight. To get an exact measurement you'll need to pull the tail off and place some feeler gauges in there.

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