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    Cracked SHO's Anyone???

    After reading of all the cracked FZ's, has anyone had the cracked hulls on the SHO's?

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    i honestly was about to post this...wierd

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    They have been known to crack tunnels, but never heard of one cracking elsewhere. It's more likely on high HP boats or boats that get ridden often in choppy conditions, but I've seen a few reports of it happening on stock skis as well.

    the fix:

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    im thinking of getting an fzs or a sho soon and this makes me think twice... i know its a few here and there but still it makes you think.... what is the root cause of the cracking? is the new material weaker? is there any kind of bracing? im kinda new to the "newer skis" im used to the older yamis. i love my gp760 but its too slow to hang with my friends, so im looking to upgrade. im trying to take in as much info as i can on these skis.

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