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    GPR engine help?

    I just bought this 05 gp1300r, and rode it for the first time yesterday, and it seemed to run ok, started right up at the ramp, and when i hit the gas, it doesnt seem to accelerate as fast as i thought it would. its decent, but doesnt have the pick-up i thought it would....

    And when im slowing down the engine sounds kind of loud, and kind of makes a banging sound that the only way i can describe is it sounds like gunshots in the distance...then when it slows to an idle its sounds normal (i guess) but smokes white some...

    Is any of this normal? Or did i just get myself into a $ pit?

    The ski is stock with about 160 hrs on it

    Thanks for all the help!


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    Does it bog while you accelerate? It could be your catylitic convertor broke and is jamming up your exhaust. Does it have any mods?

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    No it doesnt really bog down, but it does seem to lose power when im in choppy water, about 40 or so, and when the ski comes out of the water it seems to kind of die off....and not the ski does not have any mods that i know of

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