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    waveraider 1100 help

    Rebuilt the carbs over the winter, and ran strong since (about 1/2 dozen times). Over the weekend, dropped it in the water and idled out to the lake (about 10 min). Once on the lake, it started bogging. Once feather on the gas to get it planned off, top end was only 40 mph. Usually its 60 -65mph. Thought it was oiled up from the slow ride to the lake, but after 20 min. of wot riding, it never burned up. I changed the plugs, but didn't help. Pulled the plugs, and first 2 look ok, with a lil oil. Third plug still looks like brand new, w/o any oil. I checked compression and all 3 are 110. Why wouldn't third plug get gas/oil all of a sudden. What to look for???

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    Forgot to mention that there is spark on all 3 wires.

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