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    Ultra 150 start switch failure ??

    Out on the river this weekend and had some weird problems getting my 2001 Ultra 150 started. First started the ski for 5 seconds to warm up, on trailer. Put it in the water, pushed start and...nothing. Then tried a few more times, then it cranked and started up. Few minutes later and a mile down the river it stopped, baffled me. Turned key off, then on, then pushed start button...over and over. Nothing. Then i noticed when i placing the safety kill ring back on, i could hear a small noise.....the starter trying to turn. I diagnosed that the push button start switch was stuck "on". This eventually drained the battery as the starter was still turning as i cruised along.

    Got home, disconnected start/stop/trim connector (under steering panel)and checked with a multimeter. Was getting continuity between the switch was stuck in closed "on" position. Well, disassembled the push-button switch and cleaned the tactile contacts...put her back together and now all is good. On a fully charged battery, she cranks right up.

    I hope this wont happen again. I was so pissed, thinking that i had fried the starter or solenoid !!

    ANyone every had anything similar happen to them ?? Crazy...a simple switch can ruin your day.

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    this is common, take the switch appart and clean the crap off of it..should be good to go

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    Yah ive had it happen to me at the Myrtle Beach Race this year when waves where overcoming the boat and flooded the switch leaving me just sittin on the line. I did the same repair and during the repair i packed the switch with dielectirc grease to at least help keep moisture out. Been working great ever since1

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    thanks, was thinking of coating the contacts with dielectric grease too.

    i put that stuff on any electrical part/connection i come across when messing with any electrical items on my marine / auto toys.

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