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    Triton Elite LT Trailer is this normal?

    I recently purchased a 2008 Rxp-x about a month or two ago and it came with a Triton Elite LT single trailer.

    Today I was cleaning the ski and trailer after a day of riding and when I wiped underneath the axle I heard a loud squealing pitch almost and rusted water started shooting out of this tiny hole on the bottom of the axle.

    I was wondering is it time for a new axle or do these axles have a drain hole and it was just covered over with a little bit of rust?

    Sorry for the newb question I did try to search....


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    This is a torsion axle trailer - correct?

    How old is the trailer?

    Salt water use?

    Where exactly is the hole?

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    well yeh leaf spring trailer....

    trailer is 2008

    yes, salt water use

    hole is exactly in the middle of the axle

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