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    (2) wear rings one weekend????

    I have (2) GTI LE RFI'S both 2003 with almost same hours...
    What would cause both wear rings to go out on the same weekend?

    Thanks to the excellant "how to's" on this forum I have them both pulled apart and just need an Impeller tool to finish the removal.
    The black part of the wear rings came apart and got stuck in the pump vanes...?
    Is this a common occurance?
    Would "hot doging" these cruisers cause this type of failure?

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    i dont know what hoy doggin mean, but it only takes a small debri to cause a rip, and from there they will go.
    also if the bearings are screwed and the impeller has too much play it will cause this,

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    Thanks, HOT DOGGIN IS HIGH SPEED TURNS AND JUMPS and when the ski is ran rough instead of just cruisen like these little jewels were made for.

    I'll check the bearings, these things are completely apart with the wear ring crammed all in the pump vanes and can't get it out without removing the prop.

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