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    zxi 1100 no oil coming out of oil pump

    I recently rebuild the top end of my 98 zxi 1100 and properly broke it in on the first day. It ran awesome. Prior to the second day of riding I fill up the oil tank full. At the end of the day after going through one tank of gas I noticed that I still have the same about of oil that I started out. Upon further inspection I noticed that the oil goes into the oil pump but will not come out of the pump to the carb no matter if I crank the engine or while the engine is running. The jetski still runs but is no longer as smooth as after I rebuild it. It idles a bit rough and will bog until after reaching 4K rpm. It is still able to run great at the higher rpm. I have a few questions:

    1. Does the oil pump fail often?

    2. Should I go with pre-mix from this point on?

    3. Do you think the piston and cylinder is damaged because it bogs down at the lower rpm?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I would just go with pre-mix from this point forward to prevent any further damage if any. It is recommended to run premix in addition to the oil injection during break in anyways.

    I would also check your compression which will be the tell tell to if you have any loss of compression and have damage.

    I run premix, but I hear those oil pumps are sturdy and seldom fail, but they do fail but not often. I would take it off and see if it is spins freely and make sure you have no blockage in the lines and the oil tank. Take your F/A off and see if you can see any oil mixing at all and if so which carbs. Another thing is those pumps have a small screw on them which allows you to prime it. Did you do that?

    I would say you are very lucky so far.

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