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    1100 Wave Raider 3 seater -vs- 2 seater Parts

    I have a 3 seat 1996 Wave Raider and recently bought a parts ski that is the same except that it is a 2 seater. My question is, are all the mechanical parts interchangeable, including the pump, bearing, and shaft?

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    there is no such thing as a 3 seat raider. you probably have a venture and a raider. they are mechanically the same, but the hull is different.

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    You're right, I got them mixed up. I have a Venture 1100, 3 seater.
    The 2 seater must have been a Raider 1100..

    I noticed that the pump bearing assy. on the Venture is marked 64T and JD10.
    The bearing off the Raider is marked JD8 and 63M.
    They look the same, will they interchange?
    Is the pump shaft on the Venture longer or same length as the Raider?

    I have no way to measure as it is still in the ski.

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