another 4th of july disaster rolled in yesterday...customer reported "head gasket" as it was bubbling out of the overflow tank. Right. It might have started out as a headgasket, but it looks like the block is cracked now.

checking this ski out yesterday and it was hydro locked...pulled the plugs and the bellagio effect..coolant oout of each hole..lots of it.

Found a half full container of engine coolant in the front storage.

This engine has had this crap in it for at least 3 days....the owners wanted the sister ski "tuned up" since the top speed was off..that one needs a wear no doubt this ski was being run hard when the gasket failed.

I'm suspecting the block is now cracked since it's got a/f in all three cyinders. Gotta run compression and leakdown checks later today..but 53 hours?..geeze..seemed like a good deal (recently purhcased)

I'm leaning to a full engine replacement...I'm thinking that just doing the headgasket is going to turn into a problem for me.

opionion solicited and welcome.