I have the opportunity to buy one 2000 GTX Millineum 1000 cc twin (blue) and one 2002 GTX 1000 cc (yellow) with an estimated 80 hr each, for a total of $8K with trailer. Bikes look immaculate. Used almost exclusively in fresh water.
I have some general questions perhaps someone could address:

1. What do you think of the asking price?
2. What are 'weak spots' on these bikes I should look for/have checked out?
3. What are the strong characteristics of these bikes?
4. In the world of PWC's how do these rank?
5. Assuming I get these, I'll take them to a dealer to have them 'gone over'...What stuff should I have done to them to put them in 'like new' shape? (i.e. filters, oil, sparkplug, tuning, etc.). What is a rough cost estimate (per bike)?
6. Any good pointers on care and feeding of these beasts?
7. Two strokes are always 'smokey'.....how are these?

thanks for taking the time to read & respond to this....