Well, I had a huge loss in power and top end speed with a good running (7,500 RPM) motor .....so I assumed it was jet issues. Took it apart and I was right - bearings were shot/gone and much wear on impeller. My quesation is.......did this STX come with a SS impeller? this ski has one. Also, did the stock jet have a St Steel wear ring? as this ski had that too and the jet opening appears to be ok with not too much gouging. My main question is.......the jet mounting bracket that attaches to the ski and the intake grate bolts to has a deep groove about 1/2" wide. The groove goes right up to where the trim seal is however, the trim seal is not damaged. The impeller does not appear to ride that far forward in normal use if it is in the cone / jet correctly. therefore, I am wondering if the damage is from the impeller/drive shaft shifting forward into the engine more due to the bad bearings? If that did occur, why didn't the trim seal get all chopped up? And finally........can I leave the bracket like that with the new impeller and bearings to hold impeller back where it should be or.......will the void in the bracket cause cavitation and, therefore the damage to the new impeller. Thank for reading the whole thing