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    #[email protected]%@[email protected]#!!!! both skis down!!!!

    well after a rough weekend of riding both my skis are down for the count....
    I have been having issuse with my GTX for a while now..
    on the GTX it stumbles from @2800-4000 rpms. this has been an ongoing thing and I took it out sunday and monday, sunday was just for a little while it being the 4th and the lake was crowded super choppy...
    well we went back out on monday and I tried to adjust the carbs on the GTX and COULDNT get the damn stumble worked out I went in with the LS screws and out with them I still couldnt get it its off with the carbs!!
    I rebuilt them last year and tested the pop off pressure and it tested where it should be(I even re-tested 4 times and it was tested according to the book) but I only had a home made tester so if anybody has a pop off tester they could let me borrow..I'll pay shipping both ways....
    the other issue on the GTX is now the welded in bung is now leaking so I have to pull the exhaust pipe and either have a new plug welded in or JB weld big deal since this is a common issue with them..
    side note the fuel lines and everything associated with them have been changed or cleaned 2: yrs ago...

    and my little 93XP has finally had its first real issue!!after having it for almost 4-5 years with NO issues!!
    I was riding it HARD!! monday and it went from full tilt boogie down to 4000 rpm in a split second..and for a minute I thought AWE CRAP!!! so I slowed it down, told the wife time to go and drove it back to the ramp (which was about 3 miles in VERY choppy water)
    I kinda thought it was due to low fuel and it was bouncing pretty hard. so yesterday I go out to start checking them out. I did a comp. check on the GTX 150 psi on both!!
    take the seat off the xp and its full of water!!!!!! damit!!! what the heck is leaking!!!now the panic sets in...WATER INGESTION!!! oh man....
    I drained the hull..pull the plugs...water vapor on them but nothing major.
    sprayed some oil in the cylinders and comp check....still 150 psi on both,,ok so far so good..time to check out the carbs and see how much water got thru them or how much moisture is in them..I pull off the waterbox top and find out all the snorkels are broke and bits and pieces are all over inside the box!!!damit!!!!
    I cleaned up the broken bits flushed the screen out and put the drain plug back in and fill the hull with very soapy water to check for leaks and clean it out..whew!!!no leaks...
    so this is what I figured happened:
    the drop in rpms was due to low fuel and possibly combined with some water ingestion.
    the water got in thru the vents under the hood since the lake was soo choppy and waves were coming over the hood combined with the slow ride back to the ramp the vacuum bailers couldnt keep up with the water coming in.and the snorkles were broke off by the rough water I think one broke then bounced around and broke the rest off..
    pics of the intake waterbox..Click image for larger version. 

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    and snorkles Click image for larger version. 

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    I figure instead of finding another waterbox I'm just going to cut out the old tubes and jb weld some pvc tubes in their place...

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    127 the GTX exhaust pipe fixed, I used the JB weld method and well see how it holds up. the hole in the weld in plug (expansion plug) was a small one I cleaned it up with a die grinder and used a chipping hammer to push the thinner material down and open the pin hole up a bit. I then roughed it up with some 80 grit paper epoxied it in 2 coats then gave it a shot of white gloss...

    on a side note about this plug, I thought I had read that someone had said that this plug leak is commom because of lack of "blowing" the water out of the ski as soon as you pull it out of the water. well since the pulg is actually not in the exhaust stream but is it a water jacketed part of the pipe, and with it being upside down the plug becomes a collection spot for water so the only way to really get all the water out would be to heat the pipe enough to evaporate the water..which means running the ski without water which I do not reccomend doing....

    whole I had the pipe off I decided to pull the carbs back off and change out the pop-off spring, I'm just curious if that is where I'm having the issue with the carbs, everything else in the carbs looked good and clean. I pulled off the fuel filter at the selector and cleaned it out too and inspected the o ring there which is in good shape.

    the XP airbox is up next. going today to see if any of my local hardware stores carry any urethane for the tubes since I dont think sillicone may hold up. I mentioned earlier about using JB welld but I dont think the epoxy will hold up to the constant vibrations and jarring from hard riding.
    I got 4 pieces of pvc that have an i.d. of @1 3/8" I will have to open the holes on the airbox a bit to make the PVC fit. I went with a little larger diameter tube because the factory tubes are tapered from 1" to 1 1/4" +/- a little bit.
    Side note here I tried fitting the airbox from my 97 GTX and it will fit on th XP's carbs and fit in the hull. I did this just to see if it would fit because if I needed to replace the airbox I might be able to find one off a GTX in better shape and easier than the one for a 93 XP..

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    It sounds like you got a good fix on the pipe.

    Polaris reccomends that you start and rev their skis after you pull them out of the water, on the ramp(no cooling). I have always done this for 10-25 seconds and 3-6 full throttle blips depending on how much water is coming out. From what I understand the only real difference between the Polaris and Sea-Doo is they use greased thru-hull bushings instead of the carbon ring and 10-25 seconds fresh out of the water should be fine there. I don't think it is about heat drying out the exhaust, but revving and pressure blowing water out. Then again Polaris doesn't have you add antifreeze to winterize like Doo.

    I would try Permatex Right Stuff to seal your new PVC tubes. It is in all my local auto parts chainstores. It is supposed to be fuel resistant. I love JB Weld, but I don't think it will bond to the plastic well. You are on the right track with something that can flex with the plastic.

    nice write up BTW.

    Edit... Oh, water jacket. Revving out of the water might blow some water out, I guess. It is tough to say how much water is left in the water jackets after running dry on the ramp. I agree, you wouldn't want to heat the engine to the point it drys out. If you could blow all the water out of the cooling jacket, Doo wouldn't bother with antifreeze, I suppose.

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    yeah the water jacket expansion plug is in a bad place it is under the pipe and in a low spot so even the slightest amount of water will collect on it. think of an upside down bottle cap.

    and I got the airbox done I found some clear sillicone type of caulk that will adhere to abs/pvc etc so Im giving it a try. had to dremmel out the airbox a bit to get the pvc to fit. so far so good well see how well it holds after it sets up.

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