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    On my ski, on the CT river

    need to do top end on 98 gsxl 951 some questions

    so the motor is a SBT reman, one of the pistons detonated due to water ingestion from broken exhaust nut/bolts. turns out the top end has already been bored to 89mm, and the pistons are 89mm as well. from what i have read is that 89mm is the maximum over bore for stock sleeves?

    any way i am done with this thing, just wanna get it running and put it on the auction.

    the good pistons compression was 130 with minor scuffs on walls the other is zero due to hole in piston. what i want to do is get the cyls re honed, use the old piston and find a 2nd new/or used piston for cheap and just get new rings.

    What do you guys think? will this work? as long as it starts and runs for the auction guy i am good to go.

    please dont criticize me for doing it this way, i dont want to hear it, my boy blew the ski up, and doesn wanna fix it, i dont have the money to throw at it cause i got a new ski.

    just want the cheapest alternative to get this thing running. also anyone have a 89mm piston or can tell me where to find the correct size rings ?

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    wiseco do pistons up to 3.00mm over
    Alternatively the way you are going will get it running i'm sure but won't be the route to reliability and best power

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    On my ski, on the CT river
    thats a shit ton for "A" piston. any one have a 89 mm piston for a 951?

    where do i get rings?

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