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    Ugly stuff on '94 waverunner, bumpers, decals, etc.

    Anyone know a source for different colored bumpers for a 94 waverunner? All I've been able to find is replacement OEM purple ones. I'm not sure what Yamaha was thinking when they chose the colors for the '94.
    Also anyone know of any way to dye, paint, or in some durable way change the color of the plastic bumpers(side of the hull)? I think I'm stuck with the purple rubber up front, but they're not as badly faded & oxidized as the sides.
    Also any sure fire way to strip decals without hurting the gel-coat? its been stored inside, but it's a 94, so they're old & brittle, but still very well stuck.

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    Sometimes you have to think out of the box. For instance, the 95 and 96 Raiders have red rub rails (bumpers).... you could just switch them out. The 98 GP1200 has blue rub rails, the 2000 GPR has black.... order the color you like and cut to length. It should work.... certainly worth looking into.

    I've heard tales of people using a hair dryer to remove stickers. Others have gone to a spray can of sticker remover from auto supply shops.

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