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    VERY high idle at start up

    First off, I want to compliment the admin and users for this amazing forum. I just found it a few days ago and it is very impressive.

    In searching the forums, I think I found the answer to the problem (see below) I am having but I'm not sure what the remedy is:

    I took my 1995 SLT750 out of storage, installed the battery and started it up. Immediately it went into what appears to be full throttle, even though the throttle is not on or stuck open.

    I assume that is a vacuum or air leak issue...and so my question is: Does anybody know how to diagnose that problem?

    (PS...thanks in advance for your replies and apologies if this becomes a dupe, my browser keeps timing out on me)

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    It can very well be a vacuum leak, but I think you're having a fuel starvation problem. It will do exactly the same thing. Go into the "death rev".

    It may take a minute or so for the fuel lines to fill back up after storage.

    If not, you may have a clogged filter or carbs that are gummed up internally.

    Pour a little 40:1 premix down the carbs to get it started, and see if that will get the fuel lines primed enough to stop the high RPM idle.

    If it doesn't eventually bring the idle back down to normal (around 3600 RPM on the trailer) you will need to look into your fuel system for a blockage/restriction.

    Fuel lines, filters, petcock, fuel pump, carbs

    PS: the way to bring the idle down, and stop the engine if the kill doesn't work, is to "choke" the engine out. Use the primer, or cover the air box with something.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk !

    xlint has the advice always.

    Where are you from Hogie ? I'm getting hungry........hoggie samich.....mmmm.....?LOL

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    Thanks folks. Solid advice but counter to my thinking...if the fuel line is clogged, how can it death-rev? It would seem that it's getting too much gas.

    But I'll certainly check on the fuel flow. Initially when I took it out of storage, I drained the fuel/water separator. But when I put it back on and tried to start the bike, no fuel was entering the separator so I manually filled it, then put it back on.

    PS..I'm originally from Newfoundland but living in Colorado.

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    Running "lean" means there is a lack of fuel for the oxygen present in the combustion chamber. The extra oxygen makes the combustion really hot (lack of fuel to help cool the piston dome) and can create "hot spots". There have been a few instances where guys have the dreaded "death rev" and the kill switch doesn't work, so they panic and remove the spark plug boots. And THAT still doesn't kill the engine.

    You have to "choke" the engine to get it to stall out at that time.

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    Yup, that sounds like it. I'm heading out now to prime the lines and see if it works.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    welcome to the forum
    Good news, I dropped it into the lake on Saturday and she idled high (2400) but that was a lot better than the 8000 rpm it was doing in my garage. Unfortunately, it leaked like a mofo so I only got to use it for about 5mins. Fortunately, my 1994 SLT750 ran jut fine so I had a great day anyway.

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