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    97' 1100 STX wont rev high rpm. Sounds like cylinder not firing sputters over 30 mph

    I am looking for parts also for a 97 stx 1100. Im specifically looking for ignition box. I cant seem to get it to rev. If i throttle it up it starts to get choppy and no more power.Pistons and cylinders all look good and 125 on each cylinder. Carbs seem to be working fine. I dont know where else to go here. No issues with fuel lines. Gets spark on all 3 plugs. Im thinking timing issue or something. Its almost like one of the cylinders isnt firing. If I throttle hard when running out of water I get some backfiring down the carb tube but nothing major. Could this be reeds. I am at a loss here and cant find any help. I clipped the plug wires back about half inch or so and that didnt help. I dont want to drop a ton of money on an ignition box but i need to test CDI and Voltage Regulator. Any suggestions???

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    Does the ski surge on the trailer when it is first started?

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    It starts right up no problems. It will idle and sound perfect. When I get on the throttle it starts to sputter and chokes itself.
    Sounds like a cylinder stop firing. I dont have a tach on it so I cant see the RPM's. What do you mean by surge?

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    THe more I think about this, it sounds like the Limp mode is kicking in....Check the temp sensor in the pisser line, if you have a service manual it should give you a ohm spec...I have a used good one if needed....

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    See my thread. We found my issue, it was a broken line from the stator to the electrical box. I think it was pinched between the bedplate and engine. Fixed the line and now the ski runs fine.

    Hope this helps,

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    AWESOME I will be looking into that! Even though now I broke my solenoid that i was trying to clean so no matter what im replacing parts. haha Thanks for your input I hope it works.

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    Ok I have an issue with my ski that has been driving me INSANE. It starts NO PROBLEM, it idles no isses. However when I rev it at higher RPM's I start misfiring a cylinder. Its starts sputtering at the high rpm's. I have checked spark on all 3 plugs, clipped the boots back, checked continuity to the stator changed the entire Electrical box replaced all the intake gaskets, checked comp. on all 3 cylinders. They all run 125. Its an 1997 Kawasaki STX 1100. I have NO IDEA what else I can do or check. I do not have the service manual for it though.

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    check for gas leaks. have someone put a towel over the gas tank and blow into it very hard. While they were doing that look inside the hull to see if any fuel is spraying out. I had the same thing happen to me. It would miss over 5k rpm's because air was getting into the fuel lines. It was by pure luck that we tried it and saw the pin hole leak in the gas line.

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    I will try that. Thank You.

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