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    Looking for a good throttle for 95 sl 750 would prefer a aftermarket one but I need it befpore next week end

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    have a 96 slt 780 one ?

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    Get the finger throttle for around $35. It'll get shiped fast, and works better than the thumb IMO.

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    Get an aluminum one from Zigler, you'll get it in no time and its miles better than the stock one.

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    i have new aluminum throttles here for 30.00 + s&h, silver, or black.

    also have used OE throttles for 25.00

    please email, or call ( for fastest response) if i can help. thank you

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    I bought a finger throttle @ World of powersports .com .If you order one for a 99'model it cost about $11.00 .It fit right on my 94 sl650 .The one for the 94 was 30.00 .I think it's the same part .Check it out

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    Thanks everyone tim got one in the mail for me to get me by this weekend then I am going alum.

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