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    No start-97 wave venture 1100 (no click, no nothing, but ran great yesterday)

    Hi guys. I've been helping my friend with an 1100 wave venture that has sat for over a year. Yesterday we drained all the old gas, charged up the battery, mixed up some premix (in case the oil system was not working), and fired her up. She ran great on the lake for several hours, and everything looked good when we were done.
    Today I towed it to the lake and---nothing. No click, no noise, no dash light--just dead. I had my multimeter and the battery was showing 12.5 volts. I know nothing about this ski, and my friend does not have a manual. Any thoughts on what might be causing this problem? Where are the fuses on this craft? Could it be a bad ground? Thanks.

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    I think most people recommend disconnecting the "kill switch" (lanyard switch) connector. Follow the wires from the handle bars down and it is the "black" connector. Disconnect it and try to start it. If it starts, then it is the switch. If not then then you move on from there.

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    Must be a bad ground. Found the neg wire from the battery in the engine compartment and gave it a yank-she fired right up.

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