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    Purchased a RXT-X 260 about a month ago, its used on coastal waters in the UK and after a days running the front of the engine is heavily encrusted in dried salt - is this normal?? I'm concerned about longevity / corrosion etc. I've also owned a GTX & RXP and never seen this.

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    If you ride it hard enough and get some salt water to splash in your engine compartment this will happen. It usually comes off with most anti-corrosive sprays will take it off and protect your engine like XPS and many others. I am sure you should be familiar with this since you owned previous 4 tecs before, unless you never sprayed your engines down after riding.

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    Hot engine + salt water = salt due to evaporation of the water. It happens on the back part of the fzr engines due to water coming in through the seats.

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    Thats the point - rode my RXP hard! - never seen salt on the front of the engine. After use always freshwater wash the ski's inside and out, dry and then oil. This new RXT-X's front of the engine is white with salt residue - its everywhere!

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    i use salt away after every run i do which is 99.3% in salt water ---there are some other products similar to salt away at bass pro shop and west marine --- they all do the job

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    The same thing happens to mine after i ride in the salt.. I just spray it down with that xps spray and every once in awhile i will wipe it down
    and clean it with a spray bottle to.. But this is what makes me nervous about putting an air intake on it that isnt enclosed :/.. Should i be worried??

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