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    rear corner bumper repair

    Hi guys over this past weekend a friend broken off my left rear corner bumper. the rivets are broken so I would have to find a way to replace them but I'm just not exactly sure how to. does anyone know how i could fix it or what I could use to fix it??

    also is it odd that the other looks like its getting dragged in water and is about to come off too?


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    Go to and find the part numbers for the bumper, the pop-rivets and the little plastic plugs that cover the holes when you're done.
    The mounting holes in the bumper are probably screwed up now. The rivets are stainless and pretty big, bigger then you can find easily. It's easier to order the rivets with the bumper, Go to Home Depot & buy a Pop-Rivet Gun. They're cheap. Buy some cheap aluminum rivets to practice with, just don't put them anywhere where you have to remove them later.

    For the bumper that's hanging off, you need to drill out the old rivets. Be carefull, you do not want to make the hole in the fiberglass bigger and it's very soft to a drill. If you have a dremel grinder or cutter, you may try that instead to carefully grind one end off and push the rest of the rivet out of the hole.

    Before squeezing on the Pop-rivet gun, make sure the rivet is completely seated through the bumper and the fiberglass. You may have to push on it pretty hard. Don't put your hand over the hole where the nail is going to pop out. Squeeze hard while pushing on the rivet and it should grab very tightly.

    Stick in the plastic plugs and you're done.

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    had to do this myself the new corner will not match exactly but the hole will heat gun is helpful and a long skinny punches to line up holes take your time use the punches to line up holes and do one hole at a time leaving the punches in to keep lined up fyi the rivets ar alumin.

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    I used stainless screws and little red plastic concrete anchors. Cut the red anchors down a little, then screw the corner on with the screws.

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