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    Question SuperCharger noise on 06 RXP 215. Louder than most??

    Have a question, I own a 2006 RXP 215 with 89hrs on it S/C has been rebuilt and wear ring was just replaced. My question is my S/C is very loud compared to my buddies 2006 RXP 215 with 87 hours. Both ski's are bone stock (I think, bought mine used). The noise that I'am hearing is not a mechanical noise but more of a high pitch wirl the noise is present at idel speed but is still there no matter what the rpm may be, I do know that some wirling noise is expected from the S/C but my ski is by far louder than any other. At full throttle I'm getting 7800rpm, everything eles sounds and feels normal other than the louder S/C that my ski seems to have. Any thoughts?

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    do you have an aftermarket air intake?

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    My charger got very noisy (whining/whirling sound) before it seized up due to a bearing failure a couple years back...... may not be a bad idea to pull the charger and check it. Was it that noisy prior to you having the charger rebuilt?

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