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Thread: Please help me!

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    Please help me!

    ok....well i just got home, and tried to start my started, but was a little hesitant and kind of bogged down but within a few seconds got up to what sounded like a normal idle. Then i tried to rev it up (after the water was on of course) and it bogs pretty bad, then goes up... Hopefully this video works, please help!

    Could the last 3 days of 100+ degree temps have anything to do with it? I just filled it with gas on the way here, and when i took the gas cap off, it seemed like there was a fair amount of pressure in the tank.

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    whats the problem?, sounds fine, thats you reving it up a bit right?, whats your idleing RPMS,do you have an aftermarket tach giving you a digital read out. EFI skis idle rough on the trailer.

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    didnt know it would bog like that out of the water?? And the water spitting up right at the beginning, I have no idea what that is, were its coming from, and if its bad

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    Have you checked to make sure your spark plugs are tight?Are you sure that was water and not a mist of fuel out the plug hole?Gpr's have a very distinctive sound on the trailer.

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    it may have been fuel im not sure, ill check the plugs tonight...does that sound like a normal gpr on a trailer/

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    Ok, well as I said earlier,
    • the rpm's would stay at 5k and go no higher
    • my speedo would read 32-35 and thats it
    • it would bog/take decent amount of time to get on a plane (3-6 seconds)
    • if i hit a wake while on a plane, power would seem to die down and felt like it was shuttering
    • if i tried to take a sharp turn, same as above, power would die off and shuttering
    • the water spray off the back was hardly coming out, at full throttle it was only about as high as my shoulders (sitting on seat)
    after attempting to ride all day (run it out of gas thinking there was moisture in it) filled it up with new gas, and it ran the same way. so I pulled it out and brought it to the house to take a look at it. So i washed it off, and flushed it out, and while flushing it out i revved it up, and noticed a spray of water out of something in the bottom rear of the ski (were the motor goes out to the pump i guess??) I Have a video of it normal?

    then I pulled the plugs, they all looked the same, and didnt look burned or white or anything, was just a little black, I have a few pics of those to.

    the other video is full throttle from a dead stop, to see how long it takes getting on a plane, and the sounds of the engine

    Could it be a problem with the exhaust causeing all of this? Would like the riva free flow exhasut help/fix it?

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    well i ordered the riva d-plate, chip and efi controller, so hopefully my cat is the problem here. hopefully I can get it on this weekend, ill let you know how it turns out

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    ok well i think i may have just found the problem...I was about to pull the exhaust off, and for some reason i decided to unscrew the three knobs were the plug wires go into the electrical box, and the first one I unscrewed, the one on the left (the front cylinder) pulled right out.

    My guess is when whoever replaced the plugs/wires before i bought it, didnt do it right and thats why I wasnt getting full power?

    So I looked for a way to get into that box, and I have no idea how. Do I have to get someone professional to do it?

    Think this was my problem?

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    ok, well this am, i took apart the electrical box, and put the plug wire back into the coil? started it up on the trailer, seemed good, so i took it out, and at first, it was great, i idled around for about 5 minutes or so, then punched it, jumped right up on a plane and took off, seemed great.

    I shot across the river to a lagoon were i was going to open it up a few times on the smooth water to make sure it was all good. When i got across into the smooth water, full throttle it was good until i hit a wake, then it acted like it was in the first place, engine power dieing, not over 35 mph (stock speedo) or 5k rpms.

    So i killed the engine, took the seat off and looked around, everything seemed normal. So i started it back up, and buzzed around in the lagoon a little longer, and at first it seemed good, then it would die off again.

    So i pulled up to the beach, got off, took the seat off, and i could see smoke coming from, what looked like the seams of the rear cylinder/head, and things felt real hot. So I putted back across to the ramp after letting it cool. Packed up, and headed home.

    When i got home, i flushed it out, washed it, and put it in the garage to cool off. Just now, went out and ran a compression test, all 3 were almost exactly even, (pics below, cylinders from front to rear in order).

    Started it back up, and held the odometer button to see if there were any codes, first it said 00, then quickly flashed to 48, then right to 01.

    48-Incorrect Data Transmission

    So now im stuck, and have no idea what to do, I have a d-plate coming this week, thats the last thing i can think of trying?




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    there even across thats good,but that compression is awfully low(110) you sure there are no leaks with that guage and its screwed in tight, you bumping that starter full throttle?

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