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    When I pull the trigger and turn my handle to get my trim all the way to the full forward position it doesn't seem to get there, it gets tight and doesn't click into place. Is there an adjustment that can be made or is this a sign of a bigger problem? I have a 2004 XLT800.

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    Your problem is most likely one of two things:

    1. You are trying to force the nozzle down (full forward) when the boat is on plane, and the Yamaha trim system( QSTS as it's called) really isn't designed for that. Especially nozzle down, since that drastically increases drag on the boat, forces the nozzle down into the water, etc. Even on my GPR i have to let off the throttle a bit to go full forward (nose down). Try going full back (nose up) at around 20-30 and see what happens. If there are no problems then your trim system is most likely ok. Trimming up from a nose down position or even neutral frees the jet as it is now no longer shooting into the water as much. On my GPR I can trim up near full throttle...

    2. If this is a problem with the engine off, or at idle even, you may have a bigger issue. Hopefully others can help you out if this is the case as I have little experience with fixing Yamaha's trim system. I may know how it works, but repairing it is something else (unless it's a kinked wire or something simple)

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    so when I want to go full out I want the trim at what level? I assumed it would be when the little arrow points to the little boat, other than "N". Am I correct? Because this is when I have the issue, I start out with it at the "N" and adjust it once I am on plane.
    I am knew to this so if this seems stupid to everyone I'm sorry.

    Thanks for the help

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    No biggie, it can be a bit confusing at first.

    On your model there are 5 trim positions:

    Boat nose down
    2nd position below nose down (still nose down but not as much)
    1st position below neutral (nose up a bit)
    Nose Up (nose fully up)

    When you want the nose up (trim up for more speed) you pull the trim grip down (the lowest notch will have the little boat with an arrow underneath pointing up, indicating nose up). For nose down, just let off the throttle and push the grip up until it locks (you'll see the little boat icon with an arrow above pointing down, indicating nose down).

    So, if you want to go faster and have the handling a bit looser, trim up (by cranking down below neutral) either stopping at the notch just below neutral or all the way down

    If you are in some chop and want to keep the nose down to keep the boat from bouncing so much, trim down (by cranking the handle above the neutral mark), just remember to let off the throttle a bit (like shifting a car). As I said trimming down requires this more than trimming up b/c you are forcing the jet down into the water creating more resistance, while trimming up you are releasing that resistance.

    The neutral position is great for most riding....nosing down helps in rough water and if you are ever pulling a tuber/skier (keeps the hull down in the water and also keeps the jet from spraying the tuber/skier in the face if the tow rope is kind of short)

    Trimming up is fun because it loosens up the handling and gives you a bit more on top end, if it's smooth (less hull in the water).

    However, I have read that top speed in smooth water is usually achieved in neutral or the position just below neutral (not fully trimmed up), at least according to Riva (a big Yamaha performance shop that does a lot of radar tests)....there are a lot of factors going into top speed: rider weight, rider position, smoothness of the water (believe it or not a tiny bit of chop is better than glass for top speed)...

    Hope this helps and didn't confuse you further....just play around with it and you'll get a feel for it. but it sounds like your original issue was trying to trim the nose down while on plane, which letting off the throttle a bit will allow you to do.

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    that cleared it up ALOT, thanks. Believe it or not but I thought the trim above neautral was actually for when you had it in reverse, that is how new i am to these. Now I know what to do so I don't spray my daughter in the face while she is tubing.
    And I was trying to switch while on plane.

    Thanks again

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