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    Grease fittings on 1100 wave venture

    I've been helping my neighbor with his 97 1100 wave venture. He has no manual for it, and I'm not familiar with Yamaha craft. There are 2 grease fittings (1 at each end) mounted on the cylinder head water jacket covers, and tubes run from these fittings down into the bowels of the beast--the drive line I assume, but I can't really see down there. Should I hit these with marine grease? Are there other fittings that I'm missing? Anything else I should do? This ski has received no maintenance in years, but it has good compression on all cylinders, and runs very well. I want to help him get it ready for a trouble-free summer. Thanks.

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    One fitting is for your starting gear (the one on the forward side of the engine) and the other is for your drive shaft bearing. Hit each of them up with a couple shots of marine grease.

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    hi there how often do we need to grease those fittings

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