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    Limp mode on a 97 STS.

    My buddy overheated his 97 sts 3 seater and his engine isn't quite right. He had a clog in the cooling system and has since removed it and cleaned out the entire cooling system.(hoses) He says his ski doesn't rev all the way up to like 7,000 like it used to. I am not sure if he is right or not because I don't know what the stock rev limiter is at on these machines. He says it only rev's up to 5,000 or 6,000. Is there limp mode or something on these skis? How do you get rid of it? Any ideas on what happened? He just reved it up for meo nthe phone and it sounds fine, but he said it just doesn't rev as high as it used to. Thanks, Charlie

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    mostly is the carbies

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    I assume it is a GTS since SD never made an STS.

    Either way, SD did not make a boat in '97 that would have any kind of "Limp" mode. The carborated engines are just not that sophisticated.

    The engine on that model was a single carb 717. If it still has the gray fuel lines they need to be changed and the entire fuel system cleaned out. A carb rebuild would be a good idea considering the age of the machine.

    There are several things that could be causing a power loss but the fuel lines are a good start if they are indeed the OE gray. Beyond that, there is not enough information.

    If the boat did overheat I would want to see what the compression is and look for any burned/melted hoses, primarily the oil injector lines (the little ones are rather a pain on 717s since the like to crack right at the clamps and they are painted and way up under the air box and hard to see).

    It also depends on what clogged the cooling system. If he sucked up some sand it is concievable that the engine itself has sand in it (it would not be the first engine full of sand).

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