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Thread: 99xpl carbs

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    99xpl carbs

    Hey, Last week I went to use my ski and I had a hard time starting it. I got it to fire off then it died. So I pull the plugs and the pto cylinder is flooded. So Clean the plug off and try starting it. Still nothing I pull the plugs and its loaded up again. I crank the engine with no plugs and you can see a lot more fuel coming from the pto cylinder then the mag cylinder. So I pull the carbs so I can clean them out. Well after having a lot of fun pulling the carbs. I get one of them apart and the diaphram by the needle and seat is broken. So I go to my seadoo dealer and order the kits. Well I get home and the kits are wrong. I have kits for a 44mm super bn. I bought this ski and the guy I bought it from did some work to the engine. I know it has a r&d intake. I read up on the intake and what I seem to understand is that you can run stock carbs on it or bigger aftermarket carbs. How can I identify what carb I have? Also the spring under the needle and seat was white. I have been reading that there is black, grey, silver, and gold. Any help would be great. Thanks chris

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    post some pics of your carbs.

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    Carbs are 46I series, Here for kits but use genuine mikuni

    White spring ?? never heard of it sure its not silver ?

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