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    2004 RXT won't go pass 8,000 rpm

    I recently purchased a modded 2004 RXT. It makes 10psi at 8k rpms. As far as I can tell it has the Riva racing waterbox, cold air kit, an upgraded external air/water intercooler, 42lbs injectors, rrfpr. I was told it has an upgraded compressor wheel, and the upgraded bushings. The clutches were recently done.
    I was told it has a 2* wedge, 83mm nozzle, and 13/18 prop.
    I have not gps it to see what it really does. I know it will only get to 8k rpms and not pass that point. It will do that with just me, or me and another 250lbs passenger. That makes me feel like it something other then, "it doesn't have the power to go any further".
    I thought maybe the A/F was off so I installed a gauge on it. It reads mid 11's at wot, which was good for me. It was rich at idle and part throttle. I am considering getting the rude electronic fuel controller to dial it in at light throttle. I would like something I can tune, since that is what I do for a living. Is there another option that I would have control of?

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    Seems like its running good to me. 8000 RPM in summer is normal. In cool weather it will come up

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    If summer, then this is good RPM.

    You can get 7850 on a good std ski here in summer at the ocean side, and I have seen it get down to 7750 on one of my std units, and that was it, no more.

    Now it goes right back up to 8000+.

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    I just saw everyone talking about 8,200-8,600, and the description to most of the supercharger wheels stating specs at the higher rpm. I thought something might be wrong with mine. I am getting lake temp in the high 80's, ect temp a few degrees warmer then lake temp, 600' above sea level, ambient air temp is usually in the high 90's to 100's.
    What mph should a ski like this do?
    Is there a popular gps unit that is used? I plan on buying a gps to see what it is really doing.

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    Yeah, true, people are upgrading the internals and electronics to attain this sort of RPM and power/speed.

    Must look odd to new person admittedly.

    Sounds like your ski is running well if the speed is up.

    The general speed is anything from 66 to 69 mph, but don't take the std cluster speed to be true, sometimes it can be quite off the mark.

    Garmin E-trex is the one I normally use. Water resistant etc, and can be carried easily.

    Happy & Safe jetskiing.

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    I forgot to mention it does also have a sbt motor, the stock one did not take the abuse of the original owner. Is that a general speed for a stock bike or one with all the above mentioned mods? I was under the impression it should be in the 70's. I thought these things did those speeds stock?

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    I guess it is an RXP, not RXT, am sure they were not about as RXT in that year, or not here anyway.

    Luck may get you 68-69ish mph from experience.

    If looked after, the ski will serve you well. Strong as an Ox, but weak as a kitten if not treat well.

    The 11.7 is good mixture level for what you have, and should be stable enough. What you will have is better acceleration over stock from what you have installed.

    There are 1 or 2 "T's" out there with quite a turn of speed if you look over this forum a little.

    The way to start is to get a mark at present of what speed you are getting, and then build on it.

    Sometimes you may not feel the speed increase, but every little one will add up, and sometimes may contradict it!

    BTW, block off the ride-plate mounting holes, it works.

    Speed is not only found in the engine, it is in the pump, and also in the hull. Its about balancing it all to get a good ski.

    Sounds like the tuning bug has bitten you!!!

    You probably know that torque is what you need to increase to deliver useable power to the pump, and on to thrust.

    Easier inlet work for the engine will help all this, and good head work will help for sure.

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    yeah man but u cant hit those rpm cuz u dont have a after market ecu stock ecu ur goin to be in 8000 to 8140 rpms

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