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    Hudson river info?

    Any info would be appreciated.
    Looking to do a 3- 4 day run on the Hudson, start in Troy and run the Hudson down to the bottom; take the East and Harlem River back to the Hudson and return to Troy.

    Is this do –able? Any speed restrictions on any of the 3 rivers.

    Any suggestions on: accommodations, restaurants, marinas, ext.?


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    thats 302 miles round trip....good luck!

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    This is a wonderful trip, and it certainly is doable in the time frame you have set up. If I were planing the trip, I would make Newburgh as the focal point of the trip. Day 1. Troy to Newburgh. There are a couple of marinas in Newburgh that you can leave your skiis at, and there is also, I believe, a motel that you can stay at that will not charge you an arm and a leg. In Newburgh, there is also a night-spot called Gullies that is right on the water and you can party the night away. Day 2, make a round trip from Newburgh to NYC and back staying in Newburgh for reasons stated. This will be about 150 miles. Day 3, back to Troy from Newburgh.

    There are few speed restriction on the Hudson. However most of the East side of Manhattan is a no wake zone. However, I have NEVER seen anyone paying any attention to it, and have never been issued a ticket for speeding. Just be mindfull of NYPD and give them respect when you see them.

    There are lots of gas stops along the way. You'll have to research your motel in Newburgh yourself.

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    Great info River Runner, Sincerely appreciated. Each year we do a river ride trip, generally in the 400-450 mile range.
    Our intention is Troy to Newburgh for our first night. 2nd night might be in the Tarrytown area? was also recommended, allows for extra time with less miles. 3rd night possibly Kingston or Catskill, leaving a shorter ride back to Troy and also extra time in case of bad weather.

    Thanks again for your help

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