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    Yamaha XL 1200 Cylinder Question

    Can A cylinder from a Yamaha XL1200 with the power valve be re-sleeved? I know that they cannot be bored or honed. Can the top end be rebuilt without having to pull the entire motor? I have no compression in the front and rear cylinders ... Not sure as to why but when I pull the head I should get a clear picture. I will rebuild the carburetors and I'm thinking about installing a D-plate and the waveater PV clips. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what should be upgraded during this undertaking? I'm hoping that I'm not throwing good money away in that this is a inherient problem with the XL1200's

    Also what is everyones opinion on blocking off the oil pump and pre-mixing fuel? I have heard several pros and cons.

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    Thought this site was here to help people out! I guess not

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    Relax Negative Nancy all the questions you asked can be answered with the search button and a little time You have 2 choices with the cylinders sbt does sleeve them but they are not the best choice but some people like sbt the factory cylinders are coated with nikasil so you can send them off to to get fixed or buy a good used piston and cylinder from the site you can rebuild just the top end without pulling the cases and crank out but if you have broken peices of metal down there how long will the rebuild last with those floating around and making more damage, sugg with the rebuild waveater clips, intake grate, ppk kit and the d-plate and chip to start plenty more to do once you get it running oil block off is a must to me but its a choice. welcome and good luck with the build lots of good reading here.

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    Thank You!!!! I will probably end up pulling the motor once I see what is going on in the cylinder. Is there anything else that can effect compression on these motors. It just seems odd the I lost the front and rear but the middle cylinder is still strong.

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